Coastal is a grass hay, and is usually lower in protein than legumes.  There are several different types, with Tifton 85 usually being the best for horses.  Coastal is a great hay for horses with a low caloric demand. 

Alfalfa cubes can reduce feed wastage and provide consistent nutrient quality.  With their ease of handling, they allow the horse owner to regulate feed intake and reduce potential exposure to dust and mold.  Cubes may be a choice for horses with respiratory issues.  Berrettini carries Alfalfa cubes and Timothy/Alfalfa cubes in two sizes and they are all non-GMO.  

Pasture Blocks 
Alfalfa, O/A & Timothy
available at Hwy 27
Premium horse quality.
​Whole Block & half Block
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Types of Hay

First Cut Timothy Hay is a good main staple providing 29% fiber and 10% protein.

 Peanut Hay is a high-quality persistent tropical forage legume which can be grazed or fed to horses, dairy and beef cattle, hogs, goats, sheep and rabbits. It can be stored as dry hay or silage and is a substitute for alfalfa.

We offer several types of premium forage available in 2 String ,3 String, or Pasture Blocks, Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard, and Orchard Alfalfa Mixes. We also carry Coastal and Peanut Hay by the bale. Alfalfa and Timothy Alfalfa Cubes are available in regular or mini size, and we stock Alfalfa and Timothy Pellets. We have a State Certified Scale on site. Call us today for more information and delivery schedule."

For the past 50 years, Berrettini Hay Company has been supplying hay to Florida direct from the growers.  Before you buy your next bale, ton or pup trailer, stop by our Hwy 27 location in Ocala to see our pricing and availability of premium, quality forage.  

Premium Forage

Orchard Grass Hay is super soft and green.  It offers 30% fiber and 10% protein making it a great staple or variety hay.

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Alfalfa is a high-fiber, fine stemmed legume hay.  The quality of alfalfa protein is excellent with more than 70% of its total protein being digestible.