Choosing Bedding

There are many factors that have to be considered when choosing and purchasing livestock bedding.   Understanding their differences, including their benefits and potential problems can help you select the best choice for your pet.   While certain types of bedding are better for different types of livestock, there is no single bedding type that is always best for one animal. It is best to understand the different bedding options and choose the type that is most suitable to keep your livestock healthy, clean and comfortable.

Types of Bedding

Straw is one of the most popular and versatile of bedding material.  Straw is the

dry remnants of small grains, and is light to handle.   It has good absorbency and

is easy to compost when it has to be disposed of.  ​If the straw has leftover seed heads,

however, stock may nibble at their bedding.  We carry fresh, clean straw in bales

for your convenience.  Whether you need one bale or 100, we can cover your needs. 

Contact one of our stores to check our stock.

Best for: Cows, goats, sheep, horses, poultry nesting boxes

Hay is cut grasses and legumes, and is more frequently used for feed, but low-quality hay
can be suitable as bedding. Hay is heavier than straw and may be more difficult to handle.

It is very absorbent but will begin to decay quickly once it becomes soiled,
​which may mean more frequent cleanings are required.  Berrettini carries a variety of hays
that can be used for bedding.  Contact one of our stores for bedding varieties
​ that we currently have in stock.

Best for: Goats, sheep

Wood Shavings
Wood shavings are a reasonably absorbent bedding and can provide good comfort
to your animals, depending on how deep you layer the shavings. They are easy to
handle for moving and cleanup, but avoid shavings from woods known
​to be toxic to livestock, such as cherry trees.  Berrettini carries  USA shavings, Derby Gold
Blended Blue, Fine Pine Orange and Premium Green. 
​ We also carry Nature's, Bedding Shavings.

Best for: Horses, goats, sheep, cows, poultry

Pine Pellets
Finer than wood shavings, sawdust is highly absorbent and very easy to handle
and move. The finer particles may adhere to coats and create undesirable
particulates, however, and can transmit bacteria more readily.   ​This bedding
clumps when it gets wet, making cleanup very easy.  Berrettini carries
Queen Pine Pellets.

Best for: Horses

Cardboard Bedding

Cardboard bedding is environmentally sound and makes for efficient disposal . 

It is made of recycled material and it quickly breaks down back into the soil 

making it excellent for compost and a soil builder since it does not alter the

pH of soil like wood shavings .   Berrettini carries Airlite cardboard bedding.

​Granular Wood Bedding

Unlike other wood bedding materials, granular wood bedding is made from hard

woods such as Beech, Birch and Maple trees.  It does not contain processed

chemical or additives.  It has superior absorbency and natural clumping

technology.  It is also dust free for animals with respiratory issues.  Berrettini

carries Sani-Care from Espoma Naturals.   

Odor Control 

Keeping bedding clean and using the right products can help control animal bedding

odors.  Ammonia is produced by bacterial breakdown of urea in urine and unabsorbed protein

in manure.    Stall freshener products are designed to give you extra ammonia control.

Berrettini carries both PDZ and Stall Dry to help with odors in your animal bedding.

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Bedding is more than just a floor covering for your livestock. It provides cushioning and comfort for good rest, helps insulate against cold and drafts and absorbs moisture to keep your animals dry. But how do bedding types differ and which is best for your animals?